Pregnancy Back Pain 1St Trimester

Concerns During Your First Trimester Pregnancy

Early during your first trimester pregnancy, you will visit the doctor and he will usually give you a baby book describing what to expect during pregnancy and the normal progress that will happen each week and month. Of course you want everything to be perfect and the baby to be healthy and grow steadily on schedule. Be alert to what is happening to you. Avoid stress if is possible, for that can affect how you are feeling in general.

There are a few things to keep a close check on each day. Early in the pregnancy be especially aware of any bleeding. Light bleeding does not mean an emergency and can vary in color from pink through dark brown. If bleeding is heavy and you are experiencing cramps or pain call your doctor. If this occurs during the night, then going to the hospital emergency room might be the best course of action. It is better to play safe. Bleeding can be the result of infection, ectopic pregnancy and early labor.

Reasons for pain in the abdominal region can occur for various reasons. These include growing pains, as the uterus is growing along with the baby and stretching out. It can also be a result of gas pains. This is a usual complaint of pregnancy. Try resting for a while and taking a nice warm bath to relax yourself. This will relieve the discomfort if it not something more serious. You may be becoming a little dehydrated, so drink plenty of water. Some women experience early contractions that occur randomly during the first trimester pregnancy. They just come and go.

Later in your pregnancy, if you experience bad cramping, diarrhea and back pain, call the doctor immediately. This could be a sign of early labor. A sudden gush of water can signal that you are in labor and you should call your doctor and go to the emergency room even if it is too early. Another symptom to watch for in this term of your pregnancy is preeclampsia. This is characterized by high blood pressure, swelling, weight gain, headaches and upper abdominal pain. Bed rest may be ordered if it is too early. When the baby is born these conditions usually go away.

All pregnant women are checked for gestational diabetes. If you are experiencing increased thirst and urination, fatigue and blurred vision you may be at high risk. Bladder and vagina infections are also warning signs. The greatest risk with this condition is developing full blown diabetes later in life. Another test some doctors require is a thyroid test, because there seems to be a lower IQ in the babies of mothers who are not aware of their condition.

All mothers, first time or more, want what is best for their babies. Whenever something just doesn't feel right or if you are not sure about something, don't hesitate about calling your doctor. Explain your situation and he will be able to best advise you on what you should do next.

It is better to get the facts from the expert during the first trimester pregnancy and throughout your full pregnancy to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and worry!

If you are experiencing your first pregnancy lots of unsuspected incidents will occur. Be prepared for these incidents with a little research. Start here: First Trimester Pregnancy and here Pregnancy Bulletins


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