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How Pilates Help In Pain Relief - Part 2

In part 1 of the article, we have discussed how myofascial release techniques are deployed to release the tensions in the muscles before incorporating Pilates in the training regime for pain relief. In part 2 of this article, we would focus mainly on muscles reprogramming using Pilates.

When tension in a certain muscle group is allowed to build up over the years, usually through poor form due to bad posture or injury, the space in the joint gets closed up and the ligaments, tendons and fascia gets glued together. Over time, the wrong muscle memory is established in the mind that this is the right form when in reality it is not. It is no surprise that new clients who went on the pilates reformer usually has some form of misalignment in the hips or knees. Clients tend to put their weight on one side, thus causing tension on the heavier side.

They thought it was the "norm" when they appeared lopsided on the machine! After myofascial techniques are deployed on the tight knots and stiff joints, prescribed Pilates with special emphasis on "Specific Muscle Programming" are next taught to clients. This helps to re-educate your bodies to apply the right body mechanics. This pattern is taught and repeated till the body understands the logic and absorb it mindfully. This process is a tedious one as it involves adopting new habits and kicking the old ones. Homework is given to clients to practise daily until it becomes a "new habit". Result is achieved when the body can replicate the right movements correctly without fail! This is when there is a positive change in muscle memory.

This concept never fails to deliver consistent results but unfortunately it is often overlooked in "Rehabilitative Pilates". Our approach has an almost 100% success rate, so successful it is that some clients once recovered and training completed see no need to continue their program. Once you reach this stage, you are then ready for the Pilates regime proper which we called "The Maintenance Program". Depending on your given state of fitness and health, this program builds up slowly through levels and there is no end to the way and manner you can gain results.

You can request to have customised programs tailored to your needs and trained under semi-supervision in the studio or come back every 1 to 3 months to have your progress monitored to prevent a relapse. There are some clients who have stayed on for as long as 10 years and still going strong! True gain and results can only be achieved if you are consistent, committed and have a sense of discipline and passion to take your fitness and health to a new level. So if you think just doing some general Pilates program is the way to go to nurse yourself back to health, think again! Because a general program is a general program! It would not take into consideration the complex chronic issues that have to be handled properly.

Simply put, pilates pain relief programs need to be specific to see results!

Joanna Ng is a certified Master Trainer Pilates Instructor with The Method Pilates. She runs an authentic Pilates Studio and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She specialises in using Pilates for Pain Relief such as back pain, neck pain more. She uses myofascial release techniques and pilates to nurse many of her clients back to health. Visit her at http://www.pilatescentral.com.sg.


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