Low Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractor Treatments for General Low Back Pain

Let's face it - we've all had lower back pain at some position or the other of our lives. Lower back pain is something as common as garden mushroom- you never know when and where they will spring up when you give them a chance. It is the 5th most common reason people visit doctors in the US.

Lower back pain, precisely speaking, is pain in the lumbar region of the spinal column- the last 5 segments of the spine and the inter vertebral disks associated with it (to be more perfect).

Causes of lower back pain are different and can be slightly a 'pain' in itself to detect. They limit from the extremely common carrying heavy object cause to the surprising 'carrying a wallet in the back pocket'. Yes, carrying a wallet can cause chronic lower back ache too.

Now, coming to our more characteristic topic of chiropractors, these are a specialized group of medical practitioners who believe in the theory that the different pains of the human body is caused due to problems arising out of the nervous system and the bad alignment of the human spinal column.

Chiropractors commonly go for adjustments to the spine or discrete other parts of the body to accurately align the spinal column and support the body's natural capability to heal itself. Not only chiropractic treatment distinctly treats the pain, but also, it is associated with strength and the dynamics that enhances common function and improves the art of living. When you are seeking chiropractic help, it is important to reveal any physical problems or disabilities you have aside from LBP.

A form of therapy called, spinal manipulation, is the application of controlled force to a joint, moving it beyond the normal range of motion. This treatment is principally based on the subluxation theory, which says that the several forms of pain arising in the body are principally caused by faulty alignment of the spinal column. It is used by chiropractors to reduce pain, amplify mobility, and revive biomechanical and anatomical relations between spinal segments to advance rapid betterment. Spinal manipulation treatment can prevent the onset of a chronic disorder associated with immobility which results in successful recovery especially if combined with exercise and good body mechanics. Chiropractic care takes about 3-6 weeks to treat patients with nonspecific and uncomplicated low back pain and up to 10 weeks for those with more severe cases.

Chiropractic treatment can be unsafe at times as well. The application of raw (although controlled) force to the spine makes it a tad bit unsafe. Hence a absolute diagnosis of the cause of the pain and whether chiropractic care is needed at all is actually effective. Although chiropractic care is abnormally heard to be causing damage to the body, one can never be too sure. Chiropractic care to the lower back is best suited when performed in alliance with a absolute medical practitioner.

However, there's no denying that in an overwhelming majority of cases involving low back pain, chiropractic treatment has been found to be very beneficial.

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