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3 of the Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back and Prevent Pain

Exercises are important for strengthening the lower back. One of the easily injured parts in our body is our lower back and hence we need to take care of it. If our back is non functional, our output will be minimal. People who have fat in the lower back need to be tone up. The health of the Lower back muscles and abdominal muscles have a dependency relationship.

It is essential to incorporate some lower back exercises into daily exercise routine. You should never perform your exercises everyday. Lower back exercises demand complete concentration and you can hurt yourself if you are not paying attention to your movements. The rest of this article will discuss a few back strengthening exercises that will give you the lean back muscles you need.

Superman Alternating - Lie down on your stomach and stretch out your hands in front of you to perform the Superman, Alternating exercise. Tighten the abdominal muscles, and keep your head straight along with your neck. Next, raise one arm and one leg on the same side. Take care perform these movements very slowly and make sure your abdominal muscles remain tight during the entire procedure. Alternate sides, and don't forget to breathe.

Weight Hip Extension - It is necessary to lie down on your back on a gym mat to perform the weight hip extension. Make sure that your feet are flat are the floor, and the knees are bent. Pick up a dumbbell of the desired weight and hold it with both hands, close to your lower abdomen. Make sure your head and neck are held straight and comfortable. For safety, make sure that your feet, head, neck, and upper back do not leave the mat. Slowly raise your buttocks and lower back up as far as you can, and exhale as you perform the movement. Inhale while you lower your buttocks and lower back. This exercise is not to be performed quickly as it can lead to injuries.

Plank - A great exercise for a stong back, abdominals and neck is the Plank.Start on your stomach with elbows and forearms flat on flooor.In a push-up position, balance on your toes and elbows.. Your back, legs and neck should be straight (Similair to a plank) Contract Abs Remain in this pose for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat five to ten times. If you struggle to perform this exercise then balance on your knees rather than the toes.

If you are recovering from injury, suffering back pain or just want to maintain a healthy back then these exercises are highly recommended. Don't forget to perform a thorough warm up before lifting weights and perform regular stretching as part of your routine.This will stop your back muscles from shortening and keep your spine flexible.

As your back can be injured very easily, you should make the effort to strengthen it. These particular exercises for back strength will go a long way in strengthening the lower back, and adding to your overall body strength. Remember that it is crucial to perform lower back exercises because it helps to serve as part of the core strength of the body

Howard Standring is a Personal Trainer who runs http://energiafitness.com based in Southern Spain.

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