Low Back Pain 10 Weeks Pregnant

Yoga Moves to Help With Lower Back Pain

Approximately 1 out of 4 adults experience low back pain. It is a growing problem. The cause of the pain can be physical, and aggravated by behavior. If you want to address more than the physical cause of the pain, yoga moves offers a holistic approach.

Types of Yoga Moves

In a typical class of say 60 minutes, you could practice 10 yoga postures. Typically a yoga class will have breathing exercises at the beginning or end of the class, and relaxation at the end of the poses. Postures would have to be adapted and modified to suit your ability and pain sensation.

While there is no set prescription of a combination of yoga poses for low back pain, the movement has been proven to work. In 10 poses you could cover a variety of movement: Lying on the back, lying on the stomach, kneeling, standing forward bend, sitting forward bend, back bend, and lateral bend. All appropriately arranged.

Quality of Movement

When a beginner to yoga is able to focus on the sensation present, the awareness allows for self-regulation: Softening the knee this moment, re-engaging the lower abdomen and solar plexus area to lengthen the spine, re-engaging the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Repetition a few times with the breath rather than holding the poses is often easier. For example: Exhaling bend and then inhaling extend; or raising and lowering the arms while lying.

To improve strength, over time poses can be held and made increasingly difficult.

Time Involved

What will your schedule permit? A twice weekly practice of 60 minutes? A 15-minute practice 3 times a week? A daily practice? Create some time for practice. Yoga is far from being a quick fix. While you may experience relief from pain in your first session, the benefits of yoga accumulate. Give yourself at least 6 weeks with the program. Four months is actually just the beginning.


Yoga is a holistic therapy. You'll experience more calm as well the physical benefits of reduced intensity of the low back pain, increased flexibility and strength. More mobility and even the complete absence of pain is also possible, depending on the cause of the pain. You might even reduce your use of medication. Posture will improve.

Some yoga classes include meditation, even if it is 1 minute of breath awareness at the end of the class when the mind is already significantly more quiet. Regular practice of yoga and meditation increases our ability to observe ourselves and regulate behavior that would increase pain.

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Heather Greaves helps yoga beginners and enthusiasts learn more even though their only teacher is a book. "To learn more about something, teach it." Since 2005 this Yoga Therapist and owner of Body Therapies Yoga Training has been training teachers in a Yoga Alliance certified program.


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