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For a lot of people the main cause of wrist pain is they lack strength. They're not strong enough to tap a keyboard or push a mouse without coming down with some sort of wrist pain.

That it should come to this, the species designed to draw water, chop wood and climb trees can no longer do what appears to be the cushiest of tasks without experiencing wrist pain.

Coupled with a lack of strength, some muscles have become tight and drawn bones out of alignment.

Studies done by the Musculo-skeletal Fitness Institute indicate that

- only 5% of people have a good strength and flexibility training program.

- only 10% of people have a good flexibility training program (without the strength training component.

- only 17% of people have a good strength training program - but no flexibility training component.

Compared with people who do no training at all, these people are not in bad shape, they experience relatively little musculo-skeletal pain.

People without a strength and flexibility training program are placing themselves at grave risk of some sort of musculo-skeletal dysfunction, including wrist pain.

If you sitting down all day, if you're more than 15 Kg over weight and you have neither a strength nor a flexibility training program, sooner or later you could be in big strife.

Parts of your body start will start experiencing pain. It's pretty much pot luck which part will experience the pain first. If you're reading this article then it's probably wrist pain that you're concerned about.

How to relieve wrist pain will depend on what you, yourself are prepared to do.

For starters you need a good general strength training program. At home that would be situps, pressups, squats and the superman back arch. At the gym it's a good all round strength training program that includes pushing out, pulling back, pushing up and pulling down.

On top of that you need a specific strength training program. There are some specific wrist strengthening suggestions in th'Fix Wrist Pain' ebook, availkable at the Global Back Care website.

Then you need a general flexibility training program. You can't go past yoga and the exercises in the 'Fix Wrist Pain' ebook.

The reason why you need a good general flexibility training program is because the body is a musculo-skeletal ecosystem; what's going on in one part may well affect another part. There is a principle that says the cause of the pain is rarely at the site of the pain, so don't just heat and pulsate the spot where it hurts.

For instance if you have tight hamstring and buttock muscles there's a good chance your pelvis will drift out of alignment and with it your shoulders, arms and wrists. If you have weak and tight shoulders

Finally you need a specific flexibility training program for your wrists - arms and shoulders.

If you're prepared to do whatever it takes there's a good chance that in a few months time, poor function will have been restored to good, the pain will have disappeared, you'll be feeling better.


It's highly likely that you don't have a medical problem, it's a fitness problem and you can't fix a fitness problem with a medical solution.

Drugs to mask the pain coupled with heating, rubbing, pulsating, vibrating and electronic stimulation at the point where it hurts won't fix the underlying problem if it's caused by a lack of strength and flexibility. These therapies may relieve some of the pain, they may help speed up the rehab process but they won't take the place of the strength and flexibility exercises you need to do for yourself.

In fact it's a big ask expecting to get better by having someone do something to you. Sooner or later you need to do something to yourself. Just relying on therapy may well divert your attention away from the strength and flexibility training program that's going to fix you up.

Whilst most people don't have a serious medical problem it's worthwhile getting yourself checked out just in case. You may have a carpel tunnel problem that can be easily remedied by a simple surgical procedure. It's not something you have to put up with.

But also keep in mind that once you've had the medical fix, you need to embark on a serious strength and flexibility training program - for your body and your wrists, arms and shoulders.

It stands to reason, you don't get stronger or looser by heating and rubbing your wrist. Just doing that doesn't treat the cause of the problem. In my experience the cause of the problem is a lack of strength and flexibility.

There are three key wrist pain exercises that I recommend. If you click on the Fix Wrist Pain tag at the Global Back Care website you can get the free ebook in which these exercises are outlined. Of course there are a lot more than three that I'd advise you to do, but these are must-do exercises.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and it remember, if you want to know how to relieve wrist pain start a wrist pain strength and flexibility training program

John Miller

Canberra (Australia) based physical educator, John Miller is the Director of the Musculo-skeletal Fitness Institute. The Institute is dedicated to improving musculo-skeletal health. John conducts corporate health programs around Australia. His most popular program is the CrookBack Clinic. He is the author of a series of ebooks including, 'Fix Back Pain', 'Fix Neck Pain', 'Fix Shoulder Pain', 'Fix Wrist Pain', 'Fix Hip Pain', Fix Knee Pain', 'Fix Achilles Tendonitis, Calf and Shin Pain'. If you would like to read more about how to relieve wrist pain go to the Institute's Global Back Care website,


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