Back Pain Worse When Lying Down

Constipation Pain

Many a times you get upper rib pain or lower abdominal pain, and it's usual to think it's food poisoning or any other uncertain reason that might come to your mind. Furthermore, it becomes worse and the pain relocates itself to the lower back and sometimes even the legs.

Chronic right hand pain is a symptom with very many confusing causes. The pain seem to be like a sharp needle on your stomach and may go up to 2 years if proper medication and practice of good eating habits is not taken into account. It's ironical that medication might make it worse, but it's good to go for the natural remedies that have passed the medicinal standards.

Children might also get recurrent abdominal pain that may seize as they grow older. Signs that your child is going through abdominal pain are such like; rapid loss of weight, fever, frequent diarrhea, blood in stool, black or white coloured stool, urinary symptoms, decreased appetite and also pallor and fatigue. Parents are advised to always make sure the child frequently goes to the bathroom in order to off load the intestines.

Back pain is a favorite of constipation. This, as I explain is caused by the pressure from waste material blockage in the lower intestines. The body continues to produce waste material, even if it's not passing through; thus a pressure is created that infer the effect to the lower back part of the body. The impaction should be eliminated immediately; else the pain will get worse. It is also possible to get the reverse happening i.e. a back pain can cause constipation. For instance, Back pain imposed from lifting heavy gadgets causes lower back muscles to interfere with autonomic nerves responsible for peristalsis of bowel movements.

Remedies for back pain include lying down on the ground on your back, while having your legs on top of a chair. This removes the pressure and weight from the lower back part of your body. Regular exercise will also help; from simple walks in the park to routine swimming are excellent cardiovascular treatments that will significantly work for you.

Taking a chiropractic adjustment will recoil your body back to its normal alignment. This should relieve the back pain quite frankly. You also need to release harmful tension and stress in order to end the pain - this can be established by use of colon irrigation, acupuncture and massage therapy.

Research has it that leg pain and constipation are interconnected. Overweight persons and also pregnant ladies are the ones that are adversely affected by this inflammation. This is because of the use of medications that are not natural and also menstrual cramps that disrupts the nerves thus causing constipation and leg pains.

Constipation is a main player in chronic pelvis pain. It is the primary cause of the pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) that actually causes the first phase of chronic pelvis pain in women. This can be caused by presence of tight pelvic floor muscles or the posterior wall (wall separating vagina and rectal canals) being weak and thus making fecal matter to become stuck. For this kind of problems it's good to consult a physical therapist that can do a transvaginal or rectal myofascial release.


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