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Stopping Lower Back Pain After Sleep

Many people, and the majority of those with a chronic condition have lower back pain after sleep. While the mattress dealer would like you to think otherwise, the cure is not a new mattress.

When I had lower back pain all day, I woke up with it every day as well. I got a new mattress, which gave me a new and different pain in the mornings.

If lower back pain after sleep is bothering you, you are a major back event waiting to happen. If you are like me, you have repeated episodes over time and have already had several. Each worse than the next. The pain may get better, but the condition is not.

If you would like to end your lower back pain after sleep, you must address the problems while you are awake. A new mattress may help a little temporarily, but extension exercises done over the course of the day will help you a lot more.

Back pain is so hard to conquer because it comes and goes. But in reality, your body is just adapting to the latest problem which causes the pain to subside until it gets worse and starts hurting badly again.

Lower back pain after sleep is best dealt with by doing extension exercises, consistently and long enough for the disc in the back to get reshaped close to its original state. It may take weeks before the pain goes away for good, but in only a day or two you will have gotten noticeable relief.

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