Back Pain Kidney Problem

Kidney or Back Pain?

Being able to tell the difference between kidney stone pain and back ache can help you decide what to do about the soreness. Untreated symptoms of both kidney problems and back ache can lead to future complications including kidney infection and back problems.

How to determine if its Kidney or Back Problem

Since there are so many causes of back ache it is difficult to determine what type you are up against. There are several ways to tell what you are suffering from.

First Way - Direct trauma to back

The simplest method is try and determine if there has been a direct trauma to your back. This trauma can include a fall, car accident or hit. If there has been trauma than it is likely that you are suffering from back ache and not kidney pain.

Second Way - Nagging Ache vs Acute

If the pain you are feeling is acute and when you move around the pain can either increase or decrease in intensity than it is likely that the pain you are feeling is due to back pain. Kidney pain tends to be a nagging pain which does not go away and there is nothing you seem to be able to do to make it better or worse. Where as back ache if you ice it or apply heat the intensity of the soreness can vary. This second way to determine if you have kidney or back pain is the easiest way of quickly determining what you are experiencing.

How to deal with kidney pain and how to deal with back pain

Both pains are caused by different problems and both require different treatment. Kidney pain is likely due to an infection and will require medical attention but you can follow a few basic guidelines to make sure you will not suffer from kidney agony again in the future. If you are experiencing lower back pain there are many lower back exercises that will stop back problems quickly and safely.

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