Back Pain Is In Your Head

Tension Headaches? Muscles Cause Pain in the Back of Your Head

Muscles cause tension headaches so a better name for this type of head pain is Muscle Tension Headache.  Muscles are responsible for approximately 90% of our pain.  Your muscles rule!

So, why are they causing your headache? 

The truth is that muscles get unhappy.  When they are unhappy they don't like to suffer alone.  They like to let you know they are not happy.  They call your attention to their plight by causing pain or other symptoms.

What makes muscles unhappy?

In a perfect world--or perfect body--your muscles would be perfectly balanced.  When you were a small child, this was your reality.  You didn't have muscle tension headaches then, did you?

But over the years, things changed.  Your posture or the positions you sit, drive or work in changed.  In fact, they got worse.  Your muscles got out of "balance" and your posture started to collapse.  Or, perhaps you spend too many hours in one position while holding your head in a certain way.

Here's the deal:  We were built to move. 

We were built to use all of our muscles all the time.  You used to do this when you were a child.  But, now? 

We have a LOT of muscles--over 600--but most of us use only the same 60 or 70 every day.  You can see how this creates a lack of balance in your muscles.  Some get over used and some become weak because they aren't used enough. 

This is a problem.

Ideally, we would have perfect posture and perfect lives and perfect jobs and we wouldn't have Muscle Tension Headaches.  But that's not reality.

The reality is that sometimes you will have a headache. Most often that headache will be caused by your muscles. If it happens all the time, you must look into ways to get rid of the cause of your headaches. You know in your heart that taking medicine for frequent headaches isn't the best thing to do.

But there is good news: There are simple ways to massage your own muscles around your head, neck and shoulders to get rid of your Muscle Tension Headache.

I invite you to visit to discover a simple, natural system that will help you prevent and eliminate your Muscle Tension Headaches in the privacy of your own home.

And while you are there, be sure to watch two sample videos and enjoy the garden views.


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