Back Pain Hurts To Sneeze

Never Neglect Back Pain Symptoms

Current professional and social life involves a lot of hectic activity. The entire situation is fast-paced. So, it is not surprising that problems of the back and the spine are common. An astounding eight out of every ten people have back pain complaints. This pain is most usual in aging people. However, young people, today, do experience back pain as well since their lifestyles too have become ultra-modern.

How Is Back Pain Caused?

All of us take our spine and back at face value. Yes, the back is there, so what, is the general feeling. Almost all of the time, the other parts of the body are taken care of well. However, the back is neglected due to the obvious reason that it is not visible.

Obesity, improper body posture, walking with high heels, emotional stress, poorly crafter working desks and chairs, lifting heavy objects using awkward movements, and jerking the body with extraordinary movements are the main causes of pain in the back. Disc degeneration and spinal injury causes severe back ache. And, as always is the case, the doctor is visited only after knowing that back pain has set in.

Identify Early Symptoms

Tightness, stiffness, radiating pain that originates in the hips and the gluteal muscles, bladder and bowel malfunction, numbness and weakness in the hands and legs, and pain in the lumbosacral, sacroiliac regions and the spine are all indicative that back pain is about to set in right earnest. Consult a physician in the event the following noticeable symptoms occur. The back pain is severe with coughing and sneezing, the ache radiates downwards into one or both legs, unable to sleep due to pain, experiencing difficulty in urinating or defecating, and pain associated with incontinence and bladder intolerance.

The above vital signs could specify significant nerve injury or an underlying serious problem that needs emergency care. A correct diagnosis should be made instantly if the pain is to be resolved successfully.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

A balanced nutritious diet, regular body workouts, stretching and stress-reducing exercises, acupuncture, chiropractic care, natural and allopathic medication, and surgical invasion (if there is no other way out) will go a long way towards preventing back pain.

The back and the spine are the backbone of the body structure. Any noticeable pain in the back should in no wise be ignored.

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