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Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Back Pain

If your job requires you to sit for hours in office, you may have back pain more often than your friends who have field job. Back pain is an effect of sitting for long hours, and that is why you need to choose the right office chair not only to provide comfort but also to relieve your back pain.

Having back pain undoubtedly makes you less productive because of the discomfort that you feel. People who are spending long hours in office have high risk of back pain which is caused by poor, static posture. Sometimes, when you are typing or facing computer, you just do not realize that you are staying with the same position for hours. Further, this wrong posture can damage your spinal structure, and this condition could be worse if you sit on a wrong chair. Knowing this fact, it will be wise for office workers to buy ergonomic chairs and stools. Remember that it will be an investment for your health.

An ergonomic office chair provides proper back support that leads to better posture while sitting, ensuring you a back pain relief and also other similar conditions. The chair is adjustable, so anyone can get their own comfort with individual's setting. Then, anyone should watch the proportion of the chair height with that of the desk, in which it may vary according to individual's height. It means that the definition of comfort level felt by your friend could be different with what you feel.

Selection process is an important step in getting the right ergonomic office chair. You will need to consider elbow, thigh, and calf measurement in proportion to the chair height. Then, you will also need to check the low back support, the armrest height, and the proportions of eye level. These factors are crucial to ensure that the unit you choose allows for good posture and zero slouching.

Other factor that influences the selection of ergonomic office chair is climate. It is good to know the climate of the area you live in as it will be a reference to choose the chair's upholstery. If you live in an area with hotter climates, chairs with fabric cover will be good. This material provides less stressful sitting because it allows your body to breathe. On the other hand, chairs with leather upholstery are perfect for air-conditioned office.

The risk of getting back pain is actually depends on your habit. Although you have put an ergonomic office chair in your room, it will not give maximum advantages if your habit does not support it. Anytime you have a chance, try to stand up and make a movement to somewhere as an effort to stretch your body. You can décor your room by placing the furniture in distance, so you will need to walk when you are going to take something.

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