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Pain in the posterior thigh, lower leg and foot, and short, stabbing pains in the lower back, having all of these symptoms means one thing, you may be suffering from Sciatica. Sciatica is experienced by many as the pain along the Sciatic nerve, starting from the buttocks to the back of the leg. Its symptoms may also include a stinging to numbing pain in the sacrum, the part of the vertebral column connected to the pelvis.

Knee and back pains such as Sciatica can be cured through the combination of medication, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. For severe back pains, surgery is often necessary. Over the years, people had devised their own way of preventing or healing back ailments, biking, weight-lifting, skiing and running, to name a few. These routines help in the development of certain muscle groups, but they focus only on small areas of the body, thus, they don't aid in maintaining a healthy posture. On the other hand, Pilates, dancing, swimming and Yoga are exercise regimens which allows the body to work out the muscles in the chest, abdomen and back. By exercising these core muscle groups, the whole body is strengthened.

Yoga, a mild form of exercise, is believed to be a useful prevention against back pains. When performed daily and properly, it may also relieve the pain of those people who are already suffering from Sciatica and other forms of back ailments. Also, experts have agreed that Yoga is useful for the early diagnosis of serious ailments such as Osteoporosis and Herniated Disc. Recovery and prevention for these diseases can also be achieved through Yoga. The poses in performing Yoga tone the muscles, resulting to an improved body posture. In addition, the breathing exercise in Yoga promotes a better rhythm between the body and mind, since it enhances the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Yoga also recommends a certain program called the Yogic Lifestyle. Under this program, Yoga practitioners should maintain a healthy diet and avoid smoking. With the Yogic Lifestyle, combined with the breathing exercises and Yoga postures, Sciatica, and other forms of back and knee pains, can be avoided or treated. Even the serious ones can also be prevented with Yoga, just be sure that it is supervised by an expert, and recommended by a doctor.

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