Back Pain 36 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy And What To Expect In Every Trimester

Pregnancy is the duration of nine months of embryonic development leading to the birth of a baby. The whole period of pregnancy has been medically divided into three trimesters, each comprising of three months. These include:

1. First trimester,

2. Second trimester and

3. Third trimester.

The first trimester comprises of the first three months. The second trimester comprises of the fourth, fifth and sixth months and the third trimester comprises of the seventh, eighth and ninth month.


The first trimester includes the first three months or the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. It begins from fertilization of the egg and sperm to form a zygote. As it grows, it is termed as the embryo until the eighth week of life. The embryo is very fragile during the first trimester and is most susceptible to damage by the drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking etc. At this time of life, the embryo's body cells arrange themselves according to the distribution of various organ systems of body.

Folic acid is quite essential at this stage of life. Folic acid is required for a proper development of a baby's neurological system. A lot has been written and debated about the harmful effects of the lack of folic acid in pregnant woman's diet during the first trimester. This is the reason why the mothers planning a conception are advised to start taking folic acid quite ahead of the beginning of pregnancy.

In US and in many developed countries, folic acid fortified foods are normally available for use, in order to prevent the lack of folic acid in the women of child bearing age. Rubella infection is a risk during the first trimester of pregnancy and has many harmful irreversible effects on baby. Thus the mothers are vaccinated for the Rubella infection during earlier months of pregnancy. Nausea, vomiting and fatigue are common symptoms experienced by the mothers during this period of time.


This includes the fourth, fifth and sixth months of pregnancy. Most of the baby's organs have now taken shape and are gaining maturity during this period of time. The mothers frequently feel the movements of the baby around 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The embryo is called as the fetus during this stage of life. This trimester is somewhat relaxing for the mothers as there are decreased symptoms of nausea and vomiting, breast tenderness etc. The gynecologists perform the 'anomaly scan' of fetus around the 20th week of life as it is a crucial time to look for any possible fetal anomaly. This is because, many conditions are not life threatening or troublesome for mother or fetus, but some diseases like mental retardation are the ones which can badly affect the life of the baby born. Sometimes legal abortion is considered after consent from the parents if any of such disorder is found during such scan or investigations.


Third trimester includes the seventh, eighth and ninth months of pregnancy and ends at labor and delivery of the baby. During this stage, the fetus gains maturity as almost all the body systems have taken form and are getting ready to face the outer world. The baby gains more weight especially during this trimester.

The mother starts feeling the false labor also called as the 'Braxton Hicks Contractions' initially which are mild uterine contractions, but not painful. The true labor pains are actually strong and painful uterine contractions, propelling the baby towards the pelvis as they increase in frequency. Normal or cesarean section delivery is decided depending upon the fetal and maternal well being, the position of the fetus and other factors. The pregnancy completes in form of delivery of a baby. This new addition to the family helps the mother forget all the pain and tough experience of delivery faced by her. presents tips and advice on getting pregnant fast and giving birth to a healthy baby.


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